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About Brian and Anita Robbins - Robbins Ridge Farm

Seven years ago Brian and Anita Robbins had two little boys, Cody and Caleb. They wanted a little girl, so they started researching and found there was a family of SEVEN children in Russia that needed a home. Brian and Anita went to Russia to get them. Anita said that the Russian authorities in Moscow thought they must have had an ulterior motive adopting so many children and were suspicious they might want to sell their organs or something.

Well, seven years later........ you could not find a nicer family. Brian is a chiropractor and Anita home schools the children. I am a retired teacher and am so impressed with the education these children are getting and with how loving, caring, and organized they are. They own Robbin's Ridge Farm in Virginia and raising Caspian horses is going to be their family project. Don and I are so happy for them to have our Caspian friends. I was so fortunate to be able to spend a week with the Robbins family and to see how they are really becoming partners with the horses. The horses know they are loved and want to please. We can't wait to see their pretty babies next year.


PO Box 914
Stuart, VA 24171

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