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The Caspian Breed

From "The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies" by Tamsin Pickeral

The Caspian is a quite remarkable creature and has a truly wonderful temperment.

Stallions are frequently handled by children; several can be turned out together. They make excellent children's riding ponies and have beautiful movement, making them desirable show ponies.

  • The Caspian is a miniature horse although it is referred to as a pony breed.
  • There are exciting studies currently being carried out to determine whether the Caspian is the ancestor of all modern hotblooded breeds, including the Arabian.
  • It can almost directly be related to the postulated Horse Type 4.
  • Along with the Asian Wild Horse, it is widely believed to be oldest horse/pony in the world today.

Adaptable driving ponies, they adjust to harness quickly. Their particular slope of the shoulder and length of leg contributes toward their exceptionally long free-flowing stride that is rare in an animal of this size.

In appearance, they have the proportions and conformation of a miniature horse of great quality. They have an attractive head with an Arab look, very small ears, a muscular neck, a narrow back, and strong quarters. Their legs are strong, and the hooves incredibly hard---they rarely require shoes. They are mostly bay or brown and stand between 10 and 12 hands.

Caspian Skeletal Anomalies
Studies on the skeleton of an adult Caspian in 1969 demonstrated how the Caspian has several skeleton anomalies from other breeds of horse. These were primarily seen in the structure of the skull, the length of the lower leg bones in relation to overall size, the structure of the withers and the foot.


Caspian Characteristics

Because of its diminutive appearance, the Caspian is often wrongly labeled a pony. According to the International Caspian Society, the Caspian is a horse and all aspects of a horse should be taken into account during evaluation. Therefore, "limbs, body and head should be in proportion to each other. Foreshortened limbs or a head out of proportion to the neck or body are faults. The overall impression should be of well - bred, elegant horse in miniature.

The Caspian horse is very similar to an Arabian in appearance. It has large, almond - shaped eyes, small but grateful tipped - in ears set on top of a wide head with a vaulted forehead. Its muzzle is small and well shaped and the neck is long and arched with a slender throatlatch.

The Caspian horse possesses an unusually long length from stifle to hock. And because of its time spent in mountainous areas, it has sharply angled hocks. A Caspian's limbs are slender but strong with extremely hearty hooves that seldom need shoeing. Like other desert horses, the Caspian has thin skin although it can also develop a heavy winter coat. Its mane and tail are full, with the tail carried high in movement.

All colors, apart from spotted or, pinto are common. The breed stands 10 to 12 hands high and are at full height at 18 months old.

Due to the shape of its scapula, the Caspian has a stride long enough to keep up with a full - size horse and because of its small stature, willing temperament and jumping talent, it makes a wonderful children's hunter and all - around mount.

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