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ZalMCC Zal-

Sire: Marida Manzel
Dam: Marida Zang
Zal is an elegant stallion with an iridescent shine, who loves to prance when he sees someone watching him.  Zal's parents came from Marida Stud in Australia. He has sired some gorgeous foals and 3 of them are on our farm.  

Southwest Raphael- Raphael

Raphael is a son of Bytham Ucuncu and Costessa Rosita, who are both imported from England.  Raphael can jump over a barrel, give kisses, say yes & no, shake your hand, and count for you.  He is loaded with personality and two of his lovely fillies are on our farm.

RositaCostessa Rosita-

Rosita was one of the first imported mares from England to the United States.  She is the mother of  our stunning stallion, Raphael.    

contessa_smSouthwest Contessa-

An own daughter of Runnymede Karamat.  Contessa was one of the first fillies born in the United States.  Her dam is Mullacot Chestnut.  She foaled a gorgeous stallion Encore, who is also on our farm.  Contessa is working on Parelli level 1. 

Katrina_smMillennium Katrina-

Sire: Southwest Raphael
Dam: Henden Sonata
Katrina is a beautiful mare who is working on Parelli level 2.  She was named Katrina because she was a survivor of the hurricane.

Sheba_smMillennium Sheba-

Sire: MCC's Zal
Dam: Costessa Rosita
Sheba is a lovely bay mare with a star and snip.  She stands at 10 hands.

LA Kamal-

Another daughter of Runnymede Karamat and her dam is Henden Sonata.  Kamal was the first Caspian born in Louisiana.  She is 10 hands, very gentle, and loves attention.  If you are looking for a small mount for your children, Kamal is the one you are looking for.  She stands still without a halter while you groom her.   

Rhapsody_smRobbins Ridge Rhapsody-

Sire: MCC's Zal
Dam: ProtoArabian Palmyra
Rhapsody is a beautiful chestnut filly who loves people and is very curious.  She was foaled on May 3, 2007.  

Robbins Ridge Prelude-

Sire: Southwest Raphael
Dam: Mullacot Chestnut
Prelude is a beautiful bay filly who absolutely loves attention.  She was foaled on
May 13, 2007.  

Sonata_smHenden Sonata-

An own daughter of the late Forstal's Barawa, who is recognized worldwide for siring some of the most outstanding Caspians. She was one of the first mares imported to the United States from England.  

Robbins Ridge Encore-

Sire: MCC's Zal
Dam: Southwest Contessa
Robbins Ridge Encore is a gorgeous chestnut colt with a blaze and 4 socks.  He was foaled on
May 14, 2007, and is working on Parelli
level 1.  


ProtoArabian Palmyra-

Sire: Kineton Kalif by Forstals Barawa out of Atesheh
Dam:Mullacot Bathsheba by Kineton Kurush out of Runnymede Tela
Palmyra stands at 12 hands and was the sixth caspian born in America. 


Mullocot Chestnut-

Mullocot Chestnut was in the FIRST SHIPMENT of mares ever brought to the United States.  Mr. Garza, the trainer at the Monastery of St. Claire, where the first English Caspians were brought, said he was instructed to find the finest Caspians to bring to the United States to be introduced in America.  Her sire is Kineton Kurush and her dam is Runnymede Tela.  Two of  her fillies, Contessa and Prelude, are on our farm. 


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